Nutrition support while in your OWN Home

A Registered Dietitian at your Fingertips

Through our comprehensive specialty services, you will have access to a Registered Dietician who will provide you with individualized nutritional coaching, meal planning, and dietary recommendations that best fit your goals and medical condition.

Working with a RD can prevent or delay the onset of certain diseases while also allowing you to manage your current conditions.

“Exercise is King. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” -Jack Lallane (Fitness and Nutrition Expert) 

  • Covered by insurance (some instances)
  • One-on-one personalized guidance
  • Telehealth consults available

What to Expect with Nutritional Coaching

  • Initial Introductory Phone Call with our Registered Dietitian: ~15 minutes
  • Initial Nutritional Analysis: 60-90 minutes for
    • Nutrition Assessment
    • Nutrition Diagnosis
    • Nutrition Interventions and Education
    • Care Coordination with your healthcare team
  • Follow up Nutrition Visits: 30-60 minutes for ongoing monitoring and interventions

Nutrition Programs Available:

Weight Management
People who receive weight management counseling from a Registered Dietitian have a significantly greater percentage weight loss (and are more likely to achieve a 5% weight loss). Working with you one-on-one, our Registered Dietitian will help you design an eating plan that fits your food preferences and lifestyle, discover how to unlock your motivation to change, set achievable, realistic goals, identify and overcome barriers/obstacles (to change), and provide ongoing support and encouragement
Healthy Hearts/Cardiac Management
Since high blood pressure is a known risk factor for heart disease, our Registered Dietitian will work with you to design a personalized eating plan to lower your blood pressure. Because replacing unhealthy saturated fats with heart-healthy fats lowers your cholesterol and LDL levels and reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease, our RD will help you design a realistic, heart-healthy plan to fit your food preferences and lifestyle.
Diabetic Management
Medical nutrition therapy provided by a Registered Dietitian helps to significantly lower your HbA1c and fasting blood glucose levels, can help you lose weight, and may even help lower the number of diabetes medications you use. Our RD will help you design an eating plan that fits your food preferences and lifestyle, set realistic, achievable goals, overcome any obstacles you encounter, and provide ongoing encouragement and support.

Dont forget to join our Diabetic Support Group: Coming Soon!

Kidney Disease
1 in 3 Americans are unaware they have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) until it has progressed into later stages. Medical nutrition therapy provided by a Registered Dietitian is critical for managing chronic kidney disease. Our Registered Dietitian works closely with you to provide a customized meal plan based on your food preferences and lifestyle to help slow disease progression, prevent complications, and help preserve kidney function. (Also improves your overall feelings of well-being)