Reliable Correctional Care with Allstar

Since 2011 Allstar has successfully contracted within correctional care settings in several states. Allstar has provided physical therapy services, specifically within corrections, to both men and women in several state and county facilities. These facilities have offered a varying range of diagnosis for rehabilitation from Cerebral Vascular Accidents (CVA), traumatic injuries and post-surgical care such as rotator cuff repair and total knee replacements (TKR).

Allstar provides correctional facilities with...

Quality physical therapy services to those individuals in need of physical rehabilitation to restore a previous level of function, focusing on functional outcomes through use of a team-oriented approach.

Work closely with the Medical Director and/or designee to promote and apply a cost- effective method of providing onsite physical therapy services.

Effective onsite physical therapy service at the mutually agreed upon facilities to limit the cost for additional transportation and inherit risk involved during transportation.

Develop and/or maintain a comprehensive utilization of a standard home exercise program (HEP) when applicable for those individuals that qualify.

Provide consistent physical therapy service and communication minimizing the potential risk for grievances and complaints within the Oklahoma DOC.

Promote a return to previous level of function through our clinical pathway programming while adhering to the recommended authorization approval process.