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All@Home: A “Core Four” Synergy of Health

Healthy Lifestyles

We are committed to bringing healthy lifestyles and quality wellness programming not only to individuals; but also, into our community. In partnership with community centers, personal care homes, senior living apartment complexes and community support groups, we provide fall risk screenings, educational platform presentations, and group exercise classes to improve health literacy and promote healthy lifestyles for our community residents. Are you looking for quality wellness programming for your senior living apartment complex? Call today and we can explore what programs best fit your residents needs.

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” -J. Stanford

  • Fall risk assessments & Balance screenings
  • Educational presentations on a variety of health topics
  • Group exercise classes: Cardio-drumming, flexibility, endurance, balance

Wellness Programs Available:

Next Step Rehabilitation Program

Healthy Hearts

Mommy and Me

Mind & Body Program

“Ask the Expert” Educational Forum

Wellness Enhancement Day

Cardio Drumming: